Makup Tip - Brightly colored liquid eyeliner.


For a beauty look that absolutely won't go unnoticed: a winged liner in a bright spring colour is the perfect way to add a pop-art mod touch to any outfit. Team with equally bold pink lips and some back-combed hair for ultimate 1960s sex kitten appeal. Want to recreate the look? Read the complete step-by-step how to guide after the break. 

1 - Start with at flawless base. Apply a powder blush at the apples of the cheeks, lightly blending up along the higher planes of the cheeks then blending softer to the hairline. 

2 - Lightly conceal the outer edges of the eyes to keep them looking fresh and to provide a base for the eye liner. 


3 - Apply the black liquid liner first using a fine brush. Start by lining the inner corner of the eyes and winging 3/4 of the way up the mobile lid, elongating at the edges. 


4 - Next apply the colored liquid liner, in this case a yellow liner gel, closely following the shape of the black liner. 


5 - Apply a set of full bar lashes to thicken the lash line for a truly mod makeup look. Make sure you cut the lashes to size.


6 - Add a light cream shadow with a hint of sheen to open up the eyes.


7 - Follow along the inner corner on the lower lashline with the cream shadow.


8 - Bring out lashes by adding mascara, making sure to separate between coats.


9 - To create full glamorous brows fill in the brows using an eye shadow matched closest to the brow color and apply using upward motions with an angle brush. Set with brow gel.

Finish with a contrasting lip color in a bright shade to really make the look pop. 


And there you have it: a perfectly 1960s makeup look that’s sure to stand out for all the right reasons. :)

Makup Tip - Brightly colored liquid eyeliner.